Merry Belated Holidays

We’ve talked about personalizing our holiday card for many years, but never bothered. It seemed a little narcissistic to put our own mugs on the card without having kids to show off. Pets are another option. Who doesn’t like a dopey dog or a haughty cat on their holiday card. Only, we have a tortoise.

One evening, I sewed a teensy Santa hat out of scraps of felt. The next day, I bribed our tortoise to sit still with one of his favorite meals–sweet potato. (He didn’t realize he was being bribed; I believe he thought he was having lunch.) I set my camera to high-speed and clicked away. The hat dropped off every time he dipped his head for another beak full of sweet potato goodness. Guess I forgot to measure his head properly before sewing his chapeau.

More than a month later, I decided to clean out some photos and saw the many photos of Hermes (did I mention our red-footed tortoise is named Hermes?) in action and decided to accomplish a small but long thought-about goal: Learning to make an animated gif. So, in honor of the holiday season–which apparently lasts until Groundhog Day–I present Hermes the Wonder Tortoise chowing down on sweet potatoes. Merry Tortoisemas!

Animated gif of Hermes the red-footed tortoise